Sublimation custom apparel design

Sublimation is the newest and best way to create your custom apparel line. There are 2 main features of digital sublimation:

Lasting Color: This printing technique uses the combination of heat and gas. When the plain garment is added the temperature climbs enabling the pores to open in the fabric and the dye sublimation ink is immediately transformed into gas. This allows the gas to permeate the garment. Once the heat is removed the sublimated ink will turn back to a solid form, allowing the pores in the fabric to close leaving the ink embedded directly into the heart of the garment.Dye-sublimation is the latest advance in permanent printing, just like a tattoo, the ink actually impregnates the fabric, making its effect permanent and therefore unaffected by washing or ironing

Bold Design: Our fully digital sublimation process offers your tremendous flexibility in color choice and design…even real photo reproduction is possible the only limit is your imagination !



Dye-sublimation is available on garments from a number of different ranges, including rugby, football, hockey and netball, with a minimum order of 10 and lead times of 2-3 weeks.

If you would like to create your very own garment then you can Simply create, design and colour your garment, and send your completed design to us. We will then do the rest of the work!

Flat Machine

Cover Sewn Hem

Placket Button and Collar


Double V Collar

Sublimation Pattern

Sublimated Number

Detailed Print

Laser Cutter

Twill Tape Collar

Double V Collar Finish

Faded Sublimated Pattern

Cover Sew Arm Detail

Overlocked Side Panel

Flat Stitch Detail

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